5 Tools You Should Know Before Making a Spotify Submission

Spotify’s pitching process is constantly changing. The website allows users to edit their submissions up to 7 days after they release them. It is a valuable resource for musicians who want to promote their songs. Spotify is constantly looking to improve their system to make the submission process as smooth as possible. However, there are several things you should know before making a submission.


TimePitch is a free music player that lets you adjust songs’ pitch and tempo with a few clicks. It works with your music library and is easy to use. You can select songs from your library and then manipulate their pitch and tempo using the sliders. This app is compatible with multiple interface languages and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Another benefit of TimePitch is that it offers real-time pitch adjustment. It also has a music looper, which enables you to set specific loop points. Another feature is its ability to play back a music file in a different speed. This can be useful when you’re playing it back for the first time or when you’re trying to figure out a track’s chords.

This app comes with a slider that allows you to increase or decrease the pitch of any song. It also features an indicator that displays how many semitones are affected by your adjustment. The overall amount of change is equal to one octave. You can even change the speed of any track to adjust its pitch.

Another great feature is a voice effect feature. You can change the audio pitch of a song without affecting its tempo. This feature is available in both Android and iOS apps. If you don’t have an app for Android, try Karaoke Pitch Changer, which works on Android and PCs, or Tone Generator Online.

Basic Pitch

Basic Pitch is a free, open-source tool for Spotify users. This software uses a machine learning model to convert audio files into MIDI notes. It can handle a variety of audio files, including MP3 karaoke songs and voiced audio files. It also supports multiple audio files, allowing users to process all of them at once. It features options for note segmentation, confidence threshold, minimum/maximum pitch, and note length. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Another feature of Basic Pitch is its ability to track multiple notes at once. Most other note detection systems cannot handle this. Furthermore, Basic Pitch uses less resources than other note-detection systems, making it faster and easier to use on most modern computers. Its goal is to give musicians and producers the flexibility of MIDI, without the hassles.

To use ASD, you must have a Spotify account and access Spotify’s API. Once you have an account, you can access Spotify’s library. To access the API, you should log into the Spotify for Developers dashboard. Once you have logged in, you can start the authentication process and obtain an OAuth token.

The Basic Pitch Changer can change the pitch of streaming music and videos. This tool allows you to change the audio pitch by up to 12 semitones. It also supports different audio formats and allows real-time pitch adjustment. To change the pitch of a song, you can drag the slider to the left or right.

Another feature of the Spotify app is its ability to change playback speed. Depending on your device, it can slow down or speed up the songs. There are also genre-based equalizers to change the volume of a song. These equalizers automatically adjust for the genre you’re listening to. You can further adjust them with a simple slider, or use the flat equalizer to reset them back to default.

Music Speed Changer

The Music Speed Changer on Spotify app enables users to alter the pitch and speed of audio files. It supports almost all popular audio formats and offers a wide range of speed adjustments. It also includes a music looper, which allows users to loop certain segments of songs. The app also lets you save the edited audio files to MP3 or WAV formats.

In order to change the playback speed of Spotify, all users need to do is open the application and go to the settings menu. After that, you need to select the Spotify songs that you want to change. Once you have done so, choose the “tempo” option, which will change the playback speed of your music.

The music speed changer in Spotify works for both audiobooks and podcasts. If you have a local file, you can also use it to change the speed. A third-party tool with this feature can also help you change the playback speed on Spotify. Alternatively, you can use the converter tool to change the speed of your audio files.

Another option is to download your Spotify playlists. To do this, you should tap the “Convert” icon. It will take a while to download the playlists, but once it’s done, you can browse through them. Once you’ve downloaded your Spotify playlists, you can transfer them to any media player with a speed changer.

You can also use the Music Speed Changer on Spotify web player. You must have an active Spotify account to use it. It will allow you to change the playback speed of any song or podcasts. The speed changer will disappear when you switch from listening to a song or podcast. A Spotify web player will allow you to change the speed of songs and podcasts.

Boost Collective

The Boost Collective is a free service that promotes artists on Spotify. It helps these artists by adding them to playlists that drive stream growth. Artists can also spend their credits on other services like graphic design. It is an ideal option for up-and-coming artists, as it does not require an upfront payment.

However, it is important to remember that Spotify promotion requires patience. If you rush the process, your track might be botted or be dropped altogether. You also don’t want to take unethical shortcuts that might hurt your music in the long run. That’s why Boost Collective is a great option – it’s free and simple, and you can immediately see results in your Spotufy for artists account. Once your track has been added to the Boost Collective, you can see the number of monthly listeners increase.

This service can help you distribute your music on Spotify, collect royalties, and promote your music. You can also submit your songs to playlists that Spotify curates. This will ensure that your songs get discovered and end up in the recommended section of the platform. Additionally, this service includes social media portals that can help you reach a wider audience. Moreover, you can use it to submit your songs to multiple Spotify playlists for free.

Boost Collective has a very good customer service and a cohesive marketing strategy. You can choose from several monthly plans and can get a free trial. The service is available 24 hours a day. It promises high-quality views and high-engagement rates. It also promises exceptional customer support.

This service uses real Spotify user accounts to promote your music. It also improves your Spotify rank and increases your profile’s placement on the discover page. It has a dedicated playlisting team that works around the clock and uses creative strategies to attract traffic to your music. The team has seven years of experience in social media marketing.

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