BTS Receives a Spotify Streaming Plaque

When an artist reaches the milestone of one billion streams on Spotify, they receive a special plaque. The “Billions Club” is comprised of artists who have surpassed this mark. Since BTS has reached this milestone, they’ll become members of this exclusive club. In addition, artists have begun eating from the plaque, with Drake and Halsey eating candy and spaghetti from it.


If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, you’ve probably seen BTS members eating Bibimbap on their YouTube videos. This popular Korean dish is served in bowls that have seven ingredients. This dish is a mix of rice and raw vegetables. The members of BTS each add a different ingredient to the dish, which is known as Bibimbap. Finally, they top it off with a dash of chilli oil and sesame seeds.

The BTS members were seen enjoying the Spotify Plaque’s Bibimbap. They’re even seen enjoying a second helping. The group’s latest release, Dynamite, has already garnered several nominations and awards including Best Duo/Group in Pop music and Best English-language song. Moreover, BTS’ first GRAMMY Award nomination is expected in 2021 for the song ‘Dynamite’.

A bibimbap is a Korean dish consisting of rice, various vegetables, and protein. The dish is commonly served with an egg. The BTS members added each ingredient in turn to the plate filled with rice, and then took turns eating the dish. It was an adorable sight to behold.

The BTS members have become part of a tradition that has emerged in the Spotify “Billions Club.” The first Korean group to reach this milestone is BTS, with their song “Dynamite” topping the list. Other artists and groups who have reached this milestone include Halsey, Joe Jonas, and Major Lazer.

As BTS celebrated the milestone, they posted a video of themselves eating Bibimbap off a plaque. The video was created to celebrate the song’s one billion streams on Spotify. As the first Korean artist to hit this milestone, BTS’ song “Dynamite” was added to Spotify’s official ‘Billions Club’ playlist.

BTS is a boy group with seven members who recently performed in Seoul. It was at the concert that BTS celebrated 1 billion Spotify streams for a song. In addition to eating from the plaque, BTS celebrated the achievement by making the Korean dish Bibimbap. This dish is a staple of Korean cuisine.

BTS are the latest to follow in the tradition of eating from the Spotify streaming plaque. They recently ate M&M’s and Cheetos while eating from the plaque after their recent success. Other artists have eaten candy, Hot Cheetos, and spaghetti from their plaques. There are no rules when it comes to eating from the plaque, so be creative. The Spotify streaming plaque is a symbol of success and a way to honor one’s fans.

Fried egg in shape of BTS logo

BTS recently received a plaque to celebrate their Spotify One Billion Streams milestone. The plaque is in the form of a massive bowl-like structure that is set in a black frame. The plaque’s center features curves that represent Spotify. The plaque also has a fried egg in the shape of the BTS logo.

The plaque honors BTS for their one billion Spotify streams in July 2019. The group was the first Korean group to reach this milestone. Their song ‘Dynamite’ became a Grammy-nominated hit and is now the second-most-streamed song in history. Moreover, the song is also the first from a Korean group to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

For the plaque, BTS took part in the creation of a Korean traditional dish called bibimbap. This dish, which traditionally uses seven ingredients, is a traditional Korean dish. The members of the South Korean group took turns adding the ingredients to the plate. After the ingredients were combined, they carved out the BTS logo.

The BTS band recently surpassed one billion streams on Spotify with their single ‘Dynamite’. As a result, the group received an official plaque from Spotify. BTS’ achievement has also led to an unofficial tradition of eating off the plaques. Among other artists, Drake, Halsey, and Joe Jonas have also eaten off of plaques.

BTS’ milestone was achieved on July 21st, which puts them in the “Billions Club.” Spotify is a global music streaming service and is celebrating this milestone by awarding artists with the iconic Spotify 1 Billion Streams plaque. It also encourages artists to consume food off the plaque. Drake, Halsey, and Bebe Rexha have all taken part in the tradition by eating off the plaque.

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