How to Get to the Amalfi Coast From Rome

There are several options to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome, including buses, trains, and ferries. However, these options are not available all year round. If you want to visit the Amalfi Coast during a slower season, you’ll need to find alternative transportation. For example, you can take the bus to Salerno, which is the closest option to the Amalfi Coast after September.

Public transportation

There are many options available for public transportation to the Amalfi coast from the Italian capital, Rome. You can take a train or bus, or rent a car to drive to the coast. When traveling by public transport, it is a good idea to plan your journey to the coast well in advance.

The train service to Salerno from Rome takes about two hours, and you can purchase tickets online. From there, you can get a taxi or take a ferry to Amalfi. Both modes are scenic, though you should know the costs before embarking on the trip.

If you are traveling by train to the Amalfi Coast, the most common option is to take a train to Salerno. You can also catch a bus from Salerno. The ferries run from April 1 to October 31. There are also ferries that travel between Naples and Salerno. From Naples, however, you must take a bus or rent a car to reach the Amalfi Coast.

Another option for traveling to the Amalfi coast from Rome is to take the train from Rome to Naples. The train is a great option because it is fast, but it may be time-consuming and costly. Depending on the route, the trip could take as long as four hours.

The trains from Rome to the Amalfi coast stop at Salerno. Once there, you must change trains. It takes about two to four hours to get to Amalfi. It costs approximately EUR25 to travel to Salerno. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can take a day tour to explore the rest of the Amalfi Coast. Some of these tours also include a visit to Pompeii and neighbouring towns.

There are many options for public transportation to the Amalfi coast from the capital. You can take the train to Naples from Rome for EUR4o, but you’ll need to plan ahead and buy tickets in advance. You can also take the train from Rome to Salerno, a smaller city further south on the Amalfi coast. For these trips, you can use various trains operated by Trenitalia and Italotreno.


If you’re planning a day trip to the Amalfi Coast, you may want to consider a bus to the coast from Rome. This route departs from Stazione Tiburtina in Rome every day and takes about one hour and forty minutes. From there, you’ll take a ferry to Salerno and continue by bus to the coast.

You can get to the coast from either Naples or Rome by train. If you’re traveling by train, the Trenitalia trains depart from Rome Termini. Some of the trains are slow, so it may be necessary to change trains. Once you arrive at the station in Vietri sul Mare, you can board a local bus to the Amalfi Coast. Check out the Trenitalia website for schedules and ticket prices. You can also buy tickets online.

A train from Rome to Salerno will take approximately two hours. You can board a regional train for around EUR30, which can be a good deal if you’re in a hurry. The train can also be crowded at rush hour, so plan accordingly.

There are several bus services to the Amalfi Coast from Rome. You can choose from several direct routes that last around two and a half hours. Some of them depart at the same time, which is good if you don’t mind spending some extra time waiting for a connecting bus. The bus service is often more frequent on weekdays than on weekends.

Driving to the Amalfi Coast from Rome is another great option. This route is just over two hundred and seventy kilometers. The road is renowned for its scenic views. It takes about three hours to drive from Rome. You’ll also want to factor in the cost of gas and tolls.

Buses are the most affordable option for traveling to the Amalfi Coast. Many of these companies also offer a Positano ferry service. While this route is not available in winter, it’s a fun way to get to Positano and Salerno.


One of the most beautiful areas in Italy is the Amalfi Coast. This stretch of coast is dotted with gorgeous villages and is located in the province of Salerno. The area has a lot to offer, from rocky landscapes and groves of citrus trees to beautiful beaches and vineyards.

Ferries run to and from the Amalfi Coast from Naples. There is no direct train service from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, but you can take a train from Rome to Naples and take a ferry to southern Italy. There are also buses that travel to the coastal towns.

If you prefer driving to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome, you can use a car rental service. Several rental car companies are available in the area, and prices vary. The Amalfi Coast is about three hours away from Rome. However, make sure to book in advance to get the best deal.

Ferries from Rome can also take you to Positano. The ferry port is situated at the base of a hill, right on the shore. You can get some great views of the cliff-top town while enjoying the ride. You should note that the ferry service does not run during the colder months, so if you plan to take the trip during these months, you should take a train to Salerno.

Another way to reach the Amalfi Coast from Rome is by train. You can take the Trenitalia train to Salerno (a major city in Campania) or to Salerno (a small town along the coast). The trip to Amalfi takes an hour and a half. There are several buses from the train station to Amalfi. You can purchase a ticket for EUR10 which is valid for 24 hours.

Another option for travel to the Amalfi Coast is by high-speed train from Rome. These trains run three times per hour. The trip to Naples takes an hour and ten minutes, and the fares range from EUR12 to EUR65, depending on the train company.

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