How to Make Spotify Fill the Full Screen of Your iPhone

Full-screen music player

If you’re sick of the music player that takes up half the screen, there’s a new way to get it to fill the whole screen. If you have an iPhone that’s running iOS 16 or higher, you can enable this new feature for the Lock Screen. You’ll be able to maximize the music player, and click the album art to open it in a full-screen view.

If your iPhone is running iOS 16 or higher, you can access all of the features of the app through the lock screen. Unfortunately, some technical glitches prevent this from working correctly, but it is possible to fix the problem in a few easy steps. After you’ve solved the issue, you can get back to using your iPhone normally.

You can now access album art on the lock screen of your iPhone, just like you can with other iPhones. The album art is displayed on the lock screen in full-screen mode, and you can also scroll through your albums by date added. This feature isn’t available for all apps, but it is available for Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

The new iOS 16 beta introduces a full-screen music player for the lock screen. As the music plays, the lock screen background changes with the album art. This makes for a more aesthetic appearance. You can also use the side buttons to adjust the volume. This feature is a great addition to iOS 16. The new feature also adds customizable wallpaper and widgets to the lock screen. The new iOS 16 lock screen also gives you better control over the music player.

After upgrading to iOS 16, you might experience a glitch in the music player. Force closing the app can fix this problem. To force close the music player, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Album art

If you use the music streaming service Spotify on your iPhone, you can now display album art on your lock screen. You can choose to display it full-screen every time you play music, or to return to the smaller thumbnail view if you want to. This feature is available on iOS 16 and up.

While album art has become a formality in recent years, many artists still invest time and care into creating a beautiful image to accompany their music. It’s meant to entice and complement the listener, not just draw the eye. Before, album art was reduced to a small thumbnail on your iPhone lock screen, but Spotify has made it an integral part of the app experience.

The lock screen music player defaults to a tiny version, but you can increase its size and tint by tapping the album art. Depending on the quality of your device, you can even make album art larger by swiping left and right. This will make the album art look much more realistic and make the lock screen experience even more enjoyable.

While full-screen album art on the Lock Screen can be a welcome addition for music lovers, you can easily turn it off by swiping left. If you do not want to display full-screen album art on your iPhone, you can easily hide the feature by tapping it with a single tap.


You can change the controls on Spotify’s lock screen so that you can listen to your music without unlocking your iPhone. In order to do this, go to Settings > General > Lock screen. There, you’ll see several options you can change. You can also choose to show notifications from Spotify.

You can also set a sleep mode for Spotify. This can save battery life by preventing it from running in the background. It is important to make sure you’re using the most efficient battery management. Luckily, the iPhone comes with a battery-saving feature, which automatically shuts down apps that use too much power while the device is locked.

You can also change the album art. By default, the music player is small. To make it larger, tap on the album art. The art will tint and become larger. You can also change the volume by opening the control panel. This is a great feature for those who like to have their music on at all times.

If you have Spotify enabled, you can get a music widget on the lock screen. However, you may find that the music stops playing when you lock the device. There are several reasons why this might happen. If you don’t want to use Spotify when your device is locked, you can turn off this feature in Settings.

The settings for notifications on Spotify are the same as for other apps on Android. You can check if you want to enable notifications from Spotify by enabling the notification icon. If you don’t want to enable notifications, you can disable them for Spotify. Otherwise, you can also turn off Spotify altogether.


If you use Spotify on your iPhone, you can now use widgets to customize your lock screen. These are simple little graphical elements that will play your music right on your lock screen. Just tap the widget to start playing your favorite music. If you don’t want to wait for it to play, you can switch it to another app in the Music app.

To create a Spotify widget, first open Spotify and tap the plus sign in the top left corner. You can now select your desired widgets. Then, tap the Spotify widget on the screen. You can move and delete the widget. The widgets work on both iOS and Android devices.


If you want to listen to Spotify on your iPhone, you need to follow a few requirements to make it work. In addition to having the app installed, you must enable notifications in Spotify. To enable notifications in Spotify, you need to enable the feature in the settings menu. This can be done by selecting the “Show on lock screen” option.

To enable the feature, your iPhone must be running iOS 7.1 or later. Turn off Low Power Mode and background app refresh. Also, you need to make sure that the device has Bluetooth. Then, choose a music player that works well on the iPhone. Once you’ve done these steps, you can turn on Spotify and enjoy it on your iPhone.

The iPhone will remember the last music player size you used. This way, you don’t need to adjust the volume each time you want to play your music. If you’re using iOS 16 on your iPhone, you’ll also be able to listen to Spotify on the lock screen. This feature also supports full-screen music players.

The lock screen music player will be minimized by default, but you can increase it by tapping on the album cover. You can also customize transparency and other settings. You can also enable shuffle playback and choose whether or not you want to see album art. The album cover can be tinted or transparent, which is ideal for personalizing your iPhone.

If you’re having trouble with the music player widget, it’s possible your phone is experiencing a bug. The latest iOS software version can contain hidden bugs. It’s best to update your phone software before trying to force stop Spotify on the lock screen.

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