The Ticktok Vs YouTube Lineup

Whether you are a pro boxer or simply a fan of boxing, you must have heard about the tiktok vs youtube lineup. It’s the best fight in boxing right now, and the fight is scheduled to take place on February 9th. The lineup of the fight is made up of some of the best boxers in the world, including KSI, Logan Paul, Ryland Storms, and Tanner Fox. The fight will be streamed on YouTube, so you will not miss it.

KSI vs Logan Paul fight on youtube

KSI and Logan Paul have fought to a draw in the first of their two-part boxing match last August. The second will take place in Los Angeles on November 9. Their fight will be streamed on DAZN, a subscription service that offers sports fans access to live events and sporting highlights.

The KSI vs Logan Paul fight is set to be the biggest event in the history of YouTube. It is estimated that the two YouTubers are on track to earn millions of dollars. KSI, who is known for making FIFA videos, and Logan Paul are both members of the popular YouTube group the Sidemen. They have also sold a variety of merchandise.

The pair has talked trash about each other over the past year. Paul has claimed that KSI has made sexist comments in the past. The pair have also held press conferences and even released diss tracks.

In the lead up to the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, KSI claimed that he sold over one million copies of his videos on YouTube. However, only 950,000 of those sales were directly related to YouTube. That means that the fight itself was not as big a deal as KSI’s claim.

The two YouTubers have a combined 37 million subscribers. That is a lot of fans. That is a lot of people who will be watching the fight from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It is also a huge amount of money, but a relatively small fraction of the millions that Paul and KSI are on track to earn.

The two YouTubers have been talking trash over the past year, including a video blog that portrayed Paul’s father Greg Paul as a suicidal demon. The video was criticized as disrespectful, and was later deleted.

The two YouTubers have had a flurry of press conferences and diss tracks over the past year, with the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on November 9. The Countdown to KSI vs Logan Paul 2 will be shown on YouTube before the fight, as well as an official pro card.

KSI’s opponent Logan Paul has an impressive athletic history. He has played American football and is an accomplished wrestler. He is also trained in mixed martial arts. In addition to his extensive wrestling experience, he has dedicated himself to intense training. He has also launched a clothing line.

KSI and Logan Paul have a strong social media presence, with 37 million subscribers each. The two have a lot of followers on YouTube and Twitter. They have also been engaged in a little trash talking, but have ruled out a trilogy fight with each other. They have also signed a fight agreement, with a date set for August 25.

Ryland Storms vs Tanner Fox fight on youtube

Earlier this year, YouTuber Tanner Fox was slated to face TikTok star Ryland Storms in a fight. The event was billed as a fight to decide which platform is more popular. Team YouTube would be able to win five matches while Team TikTok would have to defeat one. It was an event with huge hype and the two competitors were given decent money.

In the end, Tanner Fox was unable to fight, and the fight was canceled. In the mean time, fans are speculating whether or not a replacement will be named. This may have something to do with the fact that Fox is not a heavyweight. He is currently only 130 pounds. He needs to gain about 10 pounds in order to reach the goal of 135 pounds.

Tanner Fox said he had a chance to beat Ryland Storms, but he called off the bout because of a lack of weight. He said he needed more time to decide. He also said that things were beyond his control. However, he also said he was more than willing to fight. He explained that the commission did not allow him to do so.

Another TikTok star has also thrown his hat in the ring. FaZe Jarvis has garnered more attention on TikTok than YouTube. He has over 48.5 million followers and has a number of impressive wins. He has also been ejected from Fortnite after he aimbotted.

On the other hand, Ryland Storms threw shade at Fox on Twitter. He said that he did not have a lot of beef with Fox, but the YouTuber was not making a good case. Moreover, he argued that the video on YouTube was not the most important.

He also criticized Ryland for telling his side of the story. He even posted evidence online that suggested he was ineligible.

Other TikTok stars have criticized Fox’s decision, and some have even called it the ‘no-brainer’. He has been accused of using a headgear that is different from the typical boxing headgear. He has also been accused of not wearing equipment.

Regardless of the outcome of the event, it is clear that June is going to be a big month for influencer boxing. The main event features Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, with several undercard fights featuring popular influencers. Some of the notable names are Ben Azelart, Deji, Michael Le, and Vinnie Hacker.

There is also a possibility that the competition will be moved to another platform. The official hub for Storms has details for fans to follow. They will also be able to watch the scheduled fights on June 12, 2021. They will be held at 7pm ET and 4pm PT. The event is scheduled to be held at the University of Michigan.

Mcbroom vs Hall fight on youtube

Earlier this year, YouTube star Austin McBroom challenged TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall to a boxing match. The two social media stars have been training with top fighters, and are set to fight for the first time in December 2020.

This fight, dubbed “Battle of the Platforms,” is being promoted as a unique event, with the stars of YouTube and TikTok fighting each other in a boxing match. The winner will be paid a $1 million bonus if he knocks Hall out.

The event was promoted as a battle between YouTubers and TikTokers, and featured five of the scheduled fights. In the main event, Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall in three rounds. The judges scored the fight 49-46. The other fight, between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder, ended in a draw.

The main event between YouTubers Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall was originally scheduled to take place in March. The two had a series of texts exchanged, and decided to fight in December. Both McBroom and Hall have no professional boxing experience. They had a bet of $1 million for the chance to knock each other out, and both men confirmed the contract.

The event drew a negative response from fans. Some complained that the fight was rushed, while others pointed out that the stars weren’t paid for their efforts. It’s unclear whether Hall intends to pay up. It’s also possible that he will be unable to make the fight.

In the co-main event, AnEsonGib beat Tayler Holder in a competitive fight. Holder said that he thought the weight disparity could be a problem. However, he said that he was still confident in his abilities. He was dropped in the first round, and he landed five punches. The other two rounds were a draw.

After the event, McBroom and Hall engaged in a series of text exchanges. They also traded tweets on Twitter, and the hashtag “ROBBED” started trending immediately after the fight. The post was later deleted.

The video that McBroom posted on his Instagram page after the fight was later erased. He later clarified that he meant to call out Hall, but Hall was too scared to go to the ring. He also praised Hall’s skills.

McBroom dominated the first round, landing a number of power punches. He also landed a number of smart combinations. He was even able to knock Hall out with relative ease. The referee stopped the fight several times. Ultimately, McBroom won the fight in the second round, and Hall was knocked out in the third. He was able to land 29 punches to Hall’s 10. He also earned the win by a TKO.

The video of the fight has been viewed more than 4.2 billion times. The two stars have been in a series of verbal battles over the last few months. Their relationship is expected to continue after the fight.

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